Managed IT Services for Richmond

Unlock Your Business Potential With Scalable Managed IT Services

Amplify efficiency, reduce downtime, and empower your team to concentrate on their core responsibilities – serving the Richmond community.

Richmond, California

Our Proactive Technology Approach

Professional Computer Concept’s (PCC) all-in-one solution for managing your technology infrastructure eliminates IT-related stress. Our managed IT services program is a proactive, predictable monthly service plan that includes unlimited IT support and a team dedicated to getting things right the first time. No more waiting around for servers to be fixed repeatedly. When you choose us, we assign a dedicated local technician, supported by our expert team, to consistently work with you on your needs, be it network management, security monitoring, software updates, or data backup and recovery.

For your long-term success, we provide extensive documentation for all processes, including line-of-business (LoB) applications, preparing you with a well-structured plan to tackle any scenario. Lastly, we offer valuable insights into your technology infrastructure, pinpointing its strengths and weaknesses, potential risks, and effective methods to mitigate them. Our solution ensures uninterrupted operation, even in the face of disaster or unforeseen circumstances, through built-in redundancy.

Key Features of Our IT Managed Services Program

Unmatched IT Support

Our team offers Richmond’s premier unlimited IT support through various remote, phone, and email channels, ensuring our clients can access service whenever needed.

Preemptive Approach to IT

Our preemptive approach to IT planning and review, supported by regular audits, allows us to identify potential issues and resolve them before they cause problems.

Monitoring and Management

Our services guarantee smooth operation of our clients’ networks, with timely patch management, privileged access management, web filtering, and managed anti-virus.

Robust Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity offerings include problem detection, network management, managed breach detection (EDR), password management, asset tracking, disaster planning, transparent budgeting, and managed backup solutions.

Boosted Efficiency

Our integrated approach to IT is designed to ensure reduced downtime, increased productivity, and better operational planning.

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The Risks of Ignoring IT…

We understand the concerns associated with cybersecurity. Businesses that fail to keep pace with advanced timelines and more secure systems risk service delivery inefficiency and lagging behind competing cities. They also risk slowed productivity, inability to obtain insurance coverage, and lack of employee accountability, leaving them susceptible to internal sabotage. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Choose PCC’s managed IT services program to evade potential catastrophes and position your business for success.

Empower Your Richmond City Operations With Professional Computer Concepts

Since 2002, we’ve been partnering with organizations like yours to maximize their tech operations. We believe technology should be a tool, not a barrier. Issues should be resolved correctly the first time, or your IT provider should bear the cost. With a well-functioning IT system, it should be the last thing on your mind. That’s why clients appreciate working with PCC – our team handles the technical side, freeing you to do what you excel at.

Richmond, California

How We Work with You

Initial Call

On our initial call, we discuss your IT needs and determine if we’re the right fit for you.

Thorough Audit

We conduct a full security and infrastructure audit to pinpoint any shortcomings. This audit helps to identify any security vulnerabilities and areas for improvement and forms the basis for creating a customized plan to meet the specific needs of your business.

Effortless Onboarding

Our teams meet, create an implementation timeline, and set the stage for you to receive seamless IT support from our expert technicians.

Managed IT Services for Present and Future

At PCC, we believe in preventing potential IT issues rather than dealing with them in emergencies. Our proactive approach benefits everyone: you can expect uninterrupted productivity, and we can keep your technology infrastructure in peak condition by continuously monitoring its status. By relying on our expertise, you can foresee changes, make necessary adjustments, and better plan for the future of your services. Choosing PCC also means improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and the peace of mind that comes with secure data and technology. Our regular meetings provide an opportunity to stay informed about potential risks to productivity and security, upcoming expenses, and strategic planning for growth and modifications to your operations.