Cloud Solutions

Get Out of Your Own Way and Grow With Cloud Solutions

Modernize your business operations, improve scalability, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration by leveraging the vast potential of cloud solutions.

Optimize Your Business Operations With Custom Cloud Solutions

Professional Computer Concepts (PCC) provides a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions designed to help Bay Area businesses optimize their operations and improve productivity.

To ensure your business is protected against cyberthreats, we also offer encryption, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Intune services. For flexible and scalable computing resources, we provide virtual machines, SharePoint, and backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions. Our cloud backup application and email backup solutions ensure that critical data is safe and secure, while our SSO service streamlines the login process, making it easier and more secure for employees to access necessary applications. With PCC’s cloud solutions, your business can achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity, while keeping your data and systems secure.

The Key To Maximum Efficiency: Cloud Solutions

Increased Flexibility

Scale your technology infrastructure easily to meet business needs, improving efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Security

Robust security measures protect data and reduce cyberattack risks, ensuring that sensitive information is confidential and secure.

Cost Savings

Moving to the cloud reduces capital and operational expenses, resulting in significant cost savings.

Improved Collaboration

Collaborate more effectively internally and with external partners, improving teamwork, productivity, and decision-making.

Enhanced accessibility

Make your work processes more efficient and save time and energy by eliminating the need to hunt for information and files.

No Servers or Phone Lines

Free up valuable resources and eliminate the need for clunky equipment.

Risks and Challenges of Relying on Physical Servers

A lot of companies are still doing IT the old way. The problem is, it’s costing them more money, at an unpredictable pace, and incentivizes their inexperienced IT guy to never implement a permanent fix. We think that’s just unfair. Inadequate data storage and management capacity, limited accessibility and collaboration capabilities, disruption to business due to physical server crashes…. Do these problems sound familiar to you? Simplify your life by making the easy transition to the cloud.

Reach Greater Success by Migrating to the Cloud

Modernizing your business is the best way to ensure it will last long into the future. And everything in the modern tech world is pushing toward the cloud. We designed our cloud solutions to allow our clients to achieve their business objectives in the easiest way possible. With our scalable resources, clients can easily adapt to changing business needs without worrying about hardware limitations or high maintenance costs. Our cloud solutions also come with built-in security features such as encryption and multifactor authentication. It’s easier and more cost-effective to move to the cloud, so why wouldn’t you?

How To Get Our Custom Cloud Solutions


We have a conversation about your cloud needs, questions, and pain points.


We create a statement of work that outlines the details of your project with a flat fee.


We work together to get your cloud project implemented.

Unlock the Power of Cloud Solutions With Professional Computer Concepts

PCC has been a leading Bay Area cloud solutions provider for over a decade, pioneering cloud backup services before widespread adoption. Whether you are looking to transition to a cloud-based infrastructure, implement Microsoft 365 Services, or need reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions, PCC has the expertise and experience to help your business succeed. With cost-effective and efficient solutions, you can trust PCC to help you take advantage of the full potential of cloud technology.